How to use/operate PIM Processes

    PIM Processes explains the implementation procedures of Water Resources Management along with the Interventions/project implementation phases; Planning, Implementation, Operation and Maintenance (O&M), Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) and Capacity Development (CD). The contents of PIM Processes are arranged separately in Administrative Sheet and Technical Sheet.

    The administrative sheet explains administrative procedures required for WSDP implementation. “Administratively required” means that all IAs are required to implement all procedures accordingly. Unless otherwise, the compliance with existing acts, regulation, agreements and accountability to WSDP stakeholders could not be maintained. Besides, the financial allocation to IAs might eventually be suspended.

    On the other hand, the technical sheet delivers users with additional information to implement the actions explained in the administrative sheet. All administratively required actions can be implemented without the technical information contained in the technical sheet. However, the implementation quality of administratively required activities might be improved if users understand the technical focuses introduced in technical sheets. Specific technical focuses are introduced to each administrative sheet.

    All the contents of PIM Processes are integrated under the computer based database structure. Therefore, the devices which can run the database are requisite for the utilization of the information. In case that you wish to extract the information through MoW HP, you can access MoW HP via internet connection with computers (Windows, Mac), tablets (Android, iOS) and even smart phones (Android, iOS, Windows). The flow of this operation is illustrated in the figure below.

Operation Flow

Flowchart on administrative processes to be followed by Water Quality Laboratories for the execution of a Water Quality Management Intervention/ projects and capacity development

Water Resources Management Intervention