Water Sector Development Programme 2006-2025

Programme Implementation Manual

Welcome to WSDP - PIM website

I hereby welcome you at the entrance to the online version of the WSDP-II Programme Implementation Manual (PIM), which guides implementers of the second phase of the Water Sector Development Programme (WSDP-II 2014 – 2019) in the Project Cycle Management phases i.e. planning, implementation, operation and maintenance, and monitoring and evaluation of all interventions executed. The PIM is the first web-based implementation guiding tool for WSDP, which is designed to be user-friendly and making it easier for WSDP implementing agencies and sector stakeholders to access the PIM document, to navigate through it, and to find the necessary information on areas of interest on each of the five WSDP-II Components.

Each of the Project Cycle Management phases facilitates the search for relevant information, processes and action steps guiding implementers through the administrative and technical procedures that must be adhered to in order to ensure a smooth and timely implementation of the sector programme.

With this note, I once again welcome all WSDP-II stakeholders, and the programme’s implementing agencies in particular, to effectively take advantage of this enhanced tool when implementing the planned activities. The objective is to ensure that each implementation step duly addresses the criteria which ensure quality, relevance, equity, effectiveness, efficiency, value for money, and sustainability for all WSDP projects.

I wish you all a successful WSDP implementation journey.

Outline of WSDP and PIM Document

The Water Sector Development Programme (WSDP), operating since 2007, has a twenty year vision and encompasses not only rural and urban water supply and sanitation but also water resources management and measures to develop sector capacity. In WSDP Phase 2, there are 5 components, respectively as follows.

  • Component 1: Water Resources Management
  • Component 2: Rural Water Supply and Sanitation
  • Component 3: Urban Water Supply and Sewage
  • Component 4: Sanitation and Hygiene
  • Component 5: Programme Delivery Support
WSDP is founded on a sector-wide approach to planning (SWAp) which incorporates structures for joint government-development partner dialogue and financing mechanisms include budget support administered via a basket fund, plus additional ‘earmarked’ funding allocated by a number of development partners (DPs) outside of the basket to support special projects in selected locations. The implementation arrangement for Water Sector Development Programme (WSDP) Phase 2 is guided by three sets of documents that constitute the “Programme Implementation Manual” (PIM). Each set is hierarchically positioned according to its significance. The different document sets of the PIM are summarized in the table below.

No. Document set Significance
1 PIM Main Document The institutional arrangement of WSDP, including policies, regulations/acts and implementation structure with indication of responsible agencies/organizations, which is explained briefly together with implementation strategies.
2 Reference Documents In general, PIM main reference documents are provide guidance and reference to specific regulations and guidelines, set forth from laws and acts that are relevant to WSDP. These regulatory documents are basically prepared by other ministries.
3 Processes Processes should describe the details of implementation procedures under the institutional arrangement applicable for a particular WSDP component, along with the implementation strategies. Management of Implementing Agencies (IAs) are required to ensure that the administrative actions are correctly carried out as required under the WSDP, by referring to the contents of Processes.

The links shown on the right lead you to PIM document sets elaborating different perspectives of WSDP components. Please click a title of PIM document set where you intend to extract the information.